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100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Treatment

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee On All Treatment

Dental Fillings in Moorpark, CA, from Our Experienced Dentists

fillings in moorpark caReceive High-Quality Care at Moorpark Center for Dentistry

While regular flossing and brushing helps to prevent cavities, there are times they can still develop. If caught early enough, a dental filling can be used to save the tooth. Traditional fillings are generally made of amalgam, however, there are additional materials used in modern dentistry such as ceramic, which can provide a more natural, seamless appearance for your smile. Our experts for dental fillings in Moorpark, CA, offer many options for these treatments.

Risks For Cavities

Not going to regular dental cleanings and poor dental hygiene can lead to the development of cavities. There are also dietary factors, like excess sugar consumption and acidic foods that can break down your tooth enamel. These factors combined create the perfect environment for bad bacteria to multiply and cause tooth decay. Additional factors include teeth that have friction points, such as those with crowded teeth.

Options for Fillings

Cavities can easily be treated by our experienced dentists. The cavity will be cleaned, the tooth decay removed, then filled with the chosen material and type of filling. Options depend on the location of the decay, the extent of the decay, and the components in the filling material.

Indirect fillings are those that require multiple visits. These are treatments such as onlays, inlays, or veneers that were necessary due to extensive loss of tooth structure. These can be composites, gold, and ceramic materials. Indirect fillings are similar to crowns; an impression is taken and sent to a lab to create the filling. The patient wears a temporary cover over the tooth and returns for an appointment to have it placed, usually within two weeks. The filling is then placed and adjusted by the dentist.

Direct fillings can be completed in one visit and include resin, amalgam, and glass ionomers. These can be placed and adjusted in just one day.

The type of filling that you need can be determined when our dentist assesses the state of your tooth.

5-Star Dental Care Backed by Multiple Guarantees

All our treatments are backed by a 5-year Guarantee as long as you follow our dentist’s aftercare recommendations. We proudly offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are unhappy with the care you receive from our experienced team, simply let us know and we’ll do what it takes to make it right – that’s our Moorpark Center for Dentistry promise to you! Plus, with our convenient appointment times, we guarantee you’ll never have to miss work or school for an appointment with us!

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