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Do Your Teeth Hurt When You Eat Sugar?

November 16th, 2016

Many people find that their teeth are very sensitive to certain foods, sugar being one of them. With Halloween behind us (hopefully you participated in our candy buy-back!), you may have experienced this. Or perhaps your teeth hurt when you eat cold foods like ice cream or even hot foods like soup.

This condition is fairly common (about half the population has suffered from tooth sensitivity one time or another) and is called root or dentin hypersensitivity.

According to Colgate Oral Care Center, "The sweets so many people crave are loaded with fermentable carbohydrates, which combine with bacteria in your mouth to form acids. Those acids contribute to enamel erosion. And the higher the sugar content in the food, the greater the acid production. Tooth decay is the ultimate result from enamel reduction, and incidentally, when you continue to consume these foods, that same sugary flavor can trigger the pain it created."

So how can you combat this issue? Unfortunately, there isn't one simple fix. However, switching from unhealthy, processed foods (which have high amounts of sugar) to fruits and vegetables as well as practicing regular oral hygiene (this includes your visits to the dentists!) can certainly help.

Also, one simple piece of advice: slow down when you eat! You'll find that this may ease tooth sensitivity and may even help you consume less food by simply eating mindfully.